Volunteer Corps

Due to an ever growing number of volunteers that are passionate about and interested in the mission of The Arc, we have created a new opportunity to serve through donation of your time and talents.  The Volunteer Corps will be a database of friends of The Arc who are willing to step in whenever help is needed in an area or areas of interest to you.  Whether it be consumer holiday parties, helping with baking classes in the training kitchen, painting or yard work through Adopt-a-Home, we’ve got a project for you!

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Volunteer Profile Form

  • Remember, we may need to be able to reach you quickly.
  • Remember, we may need to be able to reach you quickly.
  • Tell us what works best for you! Also, when are you absolutely not free?
  • Have you worked individuals with disabilities in the past? If so, when and where?
  • Please select all that you may be interested in by holding the "Ctrl" button and clicking all that apply.
  • I desire to serve in the position of an unpaid volunteer for The Arc of Jefferson County. Under penalty of law, I understand that the representations in this affirmation must be truthful. I am aware that The Arc of Jefferson County will be relying upon this Volunteer Affirmation for the purpose of verifying my criminal history or the lack thereof. I further affirm that I have not been convicted of any crime of any nature (other than minor traffic offenses) nor named as the perpetrator of any abusive offense. I hereby affirm that the information contained in this Volunteer Affirmation is correct. I further affirm that in the event I am arrested for, or convicted of an offense that would constitute a felony in the State of Alabama, or if I am named as a perpetrator of any abusive offense, I will provide The Arc of Jefferson County with written notice not later than forty-eight (48) hours after the arrest, conviction or notification that I have been listed as the perpetrator of an abuse offense.

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